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Toy Fox Terrier


The toy fox terrier, also called the American toy terrier, is spunky, loyal, and sometimes protective. Early socialization and obedience training are important to counteract this dog's tendency to be a little scrappy with other dogs and to chase cats. The toy fox terrier was produced by breeding together runts of the smooth fox terrier. Still adept at ratting, these bright, energetic dogs are more likely to be used today as service dogs for the deaf or family companions than as vermin exterminators.
The toy fox terrier's short, smooth coat is satiny to the touch. Color is predominantly white on the body, sometimes with black spots; the head is black, with tan on the cheeks and in spots over the eyes. White and black (without tan) and white and tan (without black) are also seen.

Height: 10 inches. Weight: 3-7 lbs.

Photo courtesy of Kopischke's Toy Fox Terriers



Lorri Kopischke
Phone: 507-362-4499
Kopischke's Toy Fox Terriers Breeder of tri-color toy fox terriers. All pups family raised. Lots of information and pictures available on our website. Please take a look.
Toy Fox Terrier


Chryste Psik
Foxlore Toy Fox Terriers Breeding top winning champion and companion TFTs for over 16 years.
Our Toy Fox Terriers are linebred for excellent type, temperament and structure.
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Toy Fox Terriers