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English Mastiff

English Mastiff

The Old English Mastiff is one of the heaviest breeds; a male Mastiff can exceed 200 pounds. This dog is very massive, powerful and muscular. The head is heavy and square with a short muzzle. There is a black
mask around the eyes and nose, no matter what the general coat color.
The eyes are small, dark, and hazel. The small ears should also be dark-colored.
The teeth should meet in a scissors or slightly undershot bite. The tail is set
quite high, tapers to the tip, and reaches to the hocks. The short coat comes in
golden fawn, light fawn, brindle, silver, tiger, and apricot and is easy to
groom. In the eighteenth century it was described as follows:

As a lion is to a cat, so is a mastiff compared to a dog.

Originally valued for their abilities as a fierce
guard and fighting dog, today's Mastiff is a gentle giant. It is aself-confident, watchful, and patient dog who is gentle-natured towards hisfamily. Intelligent and dignified. It rarely barks, but it is in its nature todefend its territory and family. Calm, steady and docile, this dog is normally
excellent with children, (not recommend for toddlers though, because of theirgreat size). Good natured, but very large and heavy. Responds well to gentle,
patient training. This breed loves to please and needs lots of companionship.

The Mastiff's dominance varies widely depending on the lineage. They can bealoof with strangers or fairly friendly. Do not hit a Mastiff or you are askingfor it! A born guard dog, brave and loyal. When strangers visit, it is likely to
refuse to let them in unless they are accepted by its handler. The Mastiffgenerally holds intruders at bay rather than attacking. Protection training is
unnecessary for this naturally protective breed. It is very possessive of home,family and car. It may be combative with other dogs if not very well socializedas a puppy, so extra effort should be given to socialize a Mastiff puppy. Ifproperly socialized it will get along well with other dogs. The Mastiff tends todrool, wheeze and snore loudly. They can be somewhat difficult to train.
Height: Dogs from 30 inches Bitches from 27.

Weight: Dogs about 160 pounds. Bitches about 150

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Goliath Mastiffs The English Mastiff is the largest of all dog breeds in overall size. It is also one of the oldest of breeds. In the history of the mastiff, more attention has gone into breeding for a friendly, trustworthy and confident temperament than most any other breed of dog. The Mastiff is a loyal family member and intelligent guardian.
An adult Mastiff may range in size in excess of 240 lbs and may eat up to 10 cups of dog food a day.
At Goliath Mastiffs our dogs are our kids. We strive to improve the mastiff breed by breeding for excellence in temperament, health and conformation with special attention on huge size.. Contact us for more information or visit our website.
English Mastiff



English Mastiff


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