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Dachshund, Long Haried

Photo courtesy of Country Dachshund Kennel

Dachshunds require minimal routine brushing to keep their coats healthy and in good condition. The longhaired and wirehaired Dachshunds may require extra grooming or help from a professional.
The Dachshund is naturally free from "doggy" odor. The Dachshund makes a good companion whether you live in a small city apartment or the country. Dachshunds are loyal. The Dachshund is clever, lively and courageous to the point of rashness, persevering in above and below ground work, with all the senses well-developed.

Bred and shown in two sizes, standard and miniature.The long-haired Dachshund is an old, fixed sub-variety of the "Teckel", and its history extends back to the beginning of Teckel breeding. The breed is full of character. quick in attack and defense, faithful when properly brought up, and very obedient. All the senses are well developed. It has the reputation of being extraordinarily intelligent and easy to train. Its build and temperament fit it to hunt quarry both above and below ground; its eagerness, keen sight and hearing and its sonorous bark make it especially suitable for tracking. In these respects it compares very favorably with any other variety. The thick, soft hair protects it against thorns, enables it to endure both cold and heat, and is rain-proof. It is especially suited to water work. In following a trail, its highly developed sense of smell stands it in good stead. It is easily trained to retrieve. The long-haired Dachshund can therefore be used in many different ways by the sportsman.

Miniatures-11 pounds and under at 12 months of age and older. Weight of the standard size is usually between 16 and 32 pounds



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We raise beautiful miniature dachshund puppies here at All pups are healthy, happy, well socialized. Vet checked and current on vaccinations & de-worming for their age. Shipping is available on Continental Airlines. All our dogs are AKC registered and we offer Full AKC or "Pet Only", no papers, prices on our puppies. We have most colors, patterns & coats. Check our website for current pictures of available puppies & upcoming litters. Call or e-mail for more info.




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Dachshund, Long Haried