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Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane was developed in Germany to hunt wild boars.

The name of the breed (in the English language) is a translation of an old French designation, grand Danois, meaning "big Danish." This was only one of half a dozen names which had been used for centuries in France. Why the English adopted the name "Great Dane" from the French is a mystery.
They can make great family dogs but require a lot of companionship and attention.

These dogs weigh 100 to 200 lbs. and stand 28-34" at the shoulders. Females are smaller than males.

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Lisa Downey
Phone: 804-769-7812
Downey Danes

Our danes are AKC CKC Reg. We breed blues and blacks. We do not crop our danes ears, but are not against you doing so if you purchase a puppy. Our website is We currently have a litter due at the end of May 2005. Call or email for more information or any questions.
Great Dane



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Great Dane