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Fell Terrier

Fell Terrier

The Fell Terrier is also known as the Patterdale Terrier.

FELL TERRIER:: The fell terriers history can be traced back 200 hundred years to England, where it was used to go underground to roust out game sometimes 3 times its own weight.

The fell terriers are also known as the little black dogs from England and also the patter dale terrier. There are two types of coat. One is smooth, thick and usually black, although there are red and chocolate. The other coat type is broken or wire of the same colors.

The average fell terrier weighs about 15 lbs. and is 12 inches tall at the shoulder.

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MQH Kennel MQH Patterdale Terriers are bred to maintain the highest standards for working and hunting. Bred from Pure English breeding stock, absolutely NO curs! The original MQH Patterdales were bred and directly imported from Brian Nuttall, who wrote the breed standard for Patterdale Terriers, used all over the world. At MQH Kennel, all of our dogs are at least six generations (most are more) of black fell terriers, absolutely NO outcrosses to Jack Russels, Lakelands, Borders, or Bulls!

We believe that Patterdale Terriers should not be corrupted by fads or the desire to own a pocket pitbull. We breed only proven workers who possess gameness, hardness, intensity, and stability. All of our stock is registered with the Patterdale Terrier Club of America to maintain accurate pedigrees. MQH Patterdale Terriers pedigrees have the blood of four P.T.C.A."Hall of Fame terriers," within a few generations. We raise a very limited number of pups each year, most for our own use on the ranch, however, we do occasionally have pups available for purchase. If You want to see what these bloodlines have produced, just take a moment to Visit our Website. . .

Fell Terrier




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Fell Terrier