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English Pointer

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The English Pointer is full of energy
and go-power. Loyal and devoted he is a true friend.Kind and patient withchildren, he is a dashing gentleman. The Pointer is affectionate, intelligent
and clean. An energetic and enthusiastic hunter, yet calm at home. Wise andadaptable to every situation. Socialize well at an early age to combat atendency for timidity. Some can be high-strung. 

English Pointers tend to be a bit willful, distractible and reserved with strangers. It will bark at suspiciousnoises, but it is not a watchdog. Show lines tend to produce better pets. Field lines are often too active and hunt-oriented to make good pets. Huntinginstincts develop early. Puppies, even at eight weeks old, often displaypointing behavior. These fairly independent dogs are generally good with other
pets and are not usually dog-aggressive.

Height, weight Dogs 22-24 inches, Bitches 21-24 inches. Weight: 44-66 pounds.



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