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Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd
Photo courtesy of Vielenbache Kennels

A medium sized dog, fiercely loyal to its pack, highly intelligent and independent, yet totally trustworthy and reliable. It's coat black with streaks of grey or gold, big enough to ward off any predators, yet light enough to be carried on the shepherd's shoulders if necessary. Hardy and weatherproof, erect ears, intelligent, alert eyes.
This was a true working dog, on which the shepherd relied for his livelihood, his safety and companionship.

The origins of the breed that is known today as the Dutch Shepherd Dog can be found in its suitability for this type of work. Suitability bred conformity, and soon the shepherds on the Dutch moors were working with dogs that not only had the same skills, but also shared a common look.



Troy Smith
Phone: 936-969-2874
Vielenbache Kennels We are very proud to have found some very nice Dutch Shepherds to start our breeding and training program. Our main focus will be to preserve the true workability of this breed and improving on that and always keep the genetic gene pool strong with good dogs with excellent drives to work and have good hips. Visit our Website.



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Dutch Shepherd