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Dogue de Bordeaux

(French Mastiff)

Dogue de Bordeaux

Photo courtesy of Chad and Kindra

The Dogue de Bordeaux is classified as Molossoidae Brachycephalus. The large head is the focal point. Next is the massive chest, big boned legs and the overall size of the dogue. It is said to resemble a tired aging prize fighter. The coat is short and course with varying shades of red from Mahogany(Auburn) to Isabella(Golden) with the darker shades being preferred. They are recognized with red, black or no mask, with the red mask being preferred.

It's a powerfully built, pugnacious mastiff with a muscular well-balanced body and harmonious outline. The DDB is recognized as having the largest head of any dog of its size. At birth a veterinarian may have to perform a Caesarean section due to the large head of the pups. The muzzle is powerful, broad, thick and rather short. It has strong teeth, thick lips and prominent cheeks. These mastiffs are smaller than the English mastiff(up tp 222lbs.), but has comparable strength. They are closer in appearance to the Bullmastiff but are generally stronger and have a greater musculature and a larger head with more wrinkles(a self-defense feature).

It's wrinkles should be symmetrical forming ropes from its crown down to and covering the lips.By virtue of this loose skin around their face and their deep penetrating eyes, they have an uncanny ability to communicate. Their eyes come in various shades from a brown to a hazel with a even lighter color being accepted in dogs with red masks. The well defined dewlap starts at the level of the throat and forms folds down to the chest. White is permitted on the chest and the feet but not extending on the front forelegs or past the carpus. The tail is thick at the root and should be free from any kinks, curls or twists. Minimum weight is 99 lbs. for the female and 110 lbs. for the male.



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