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Wire Haired Dachshund

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Wire Dachsies have a "double-coat". There is a longer, harsh top coat with a dense, woolly undercoat beneath. Two or three times a year the
long, dead top coat will need to be plucked out to allow the new top coat to grow in. Wires have the advantage of not moulting like other dogs.

The Dachshund is one of the most recognisable of all breeds with its long body and short stature. It was used for hunting badgers and foxes. Show-Standard dogs have deep chests and short legs, while working dogs have less pronounced chest and longer legs.

There are three varities of Dachshund the smooth-haired being the oldest known, the long-haired Dachshund was probably developed by crossing the standard with short-legged spaniels. The wire-haired was created by crossing the smooth haired with rough-haired Pinschers, this produced a dog with a rough coat and a small head. Later the Dandie Dinmont Terrier was also probably used in the bloodline. The wire-haried is characterised by bushy wiry hair on the eyebrows and on the muzzle.

Dachshunds weigh 6.5-11.5 kgs and are about 25 cms tall. They come in a variety of colours like black/tan, red, brown and chocolate.



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Wire Haired Dachshund