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The dog of breed Ca de Bou possesses set of high qualities. Ante omnia Perro Dogo Mallorquin is the reliable and devoted friend. Second, Ca-de-Bou never will touch the owner and he will be always reliablely guard and protect children (they simply adore children and they are the best nanny on light). Thirdly Perro Dogo Mallorquin easily gives in to training and likes to carry sanki or a snow-scooter. Also CadeBou ablins easily learn to climb on trees. Perro de Presa Mallorquin need are few in meal, and when he asks something, does such compassionate attractive face, that you cannot repel him. The dogs of this breed are ideal both for the endow in a city apartment and in village. Ca de Bou is the best comrade for human.

Height at the withers
For males: from 55 up to 58 sm
For females: from 52 up to 55 sm

At males weight - from 35 up to 38 kg
At females weight - from 30 up to 34 kg.

Photo courtesy of Zakharova Marina



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