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The Borzoi originated in 17th-century Russia, when Arabian greyhounds were crossed with a thick-coated, Russian breed.

The Borzoi was once known as the Russian Wolfhound.

In 1650, the first Borzoi standard was written.

As far as is known, the first Borzoi that came to America was brought over from England in 1889 by William Wade of Hulton, Pennsylvania, this hound being purchased from Freeman Lloyd.

The Borzoi's coat is known to shed.

Borzois require vigorous exercise to keep them in fit condition. Due to their sight hound heritage, Borzois should never be left off a leash or let to roam outside of a fenced yard.

Borzois are very quiet dogs who seldom bark. Although the Borzoi is a large dog, it will happily curl up in a corner very comfortably.

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Gryffyn's Aeyrie


Gryffyn's Aeyrie is a small, hobby kennel, operated
without any intention of profit, which began in 1992.
We participate with our dogs in conformation
showing,lure coursing, straight racing, oval racing,
and have also trained dogs for obedience and agility
competition. We have had nationally ranked dogs within
all of these venues over the years, including top 25,
top 5, and even #1. Puppies and adults available
occasionally to approved homes. Some males available
for stud to approved bitches



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