The Bolognese is one of the Old World Bichon types of companion dogs. The breed was referred to as the Italian Bichon of Bologna, from which the name "Bolognese" was adopted. The Bolognese is a toy-type dog of great charm and fellowship.

The Bolognese was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 1995.

The Bolognese is a very sturdy, small dog. They are highly intelligent, quick to learn, and completely devoted to their masters. They have a pleasing disposition and are wonderful playmates for children

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Cindy Jensen
Phone: 208-739-2093
My Darling Dogs Darling little rare breed dogs. Non-shedding and odorless Bolognese make great family pets and wonderful companions. We have puppies several times a year, shipping available. Adults health tested, puppies Health Guaranteed. Visit our website for more pictures and info.
Merissa Anderson
Phone: 503- 740-1003
Bella's Fluffies - Italian Bolognese We are a small breeder of Italian Bolognese,allowing us the privilege of loving on every puppy, giving them socialization and a home environment from birth. Bella is BBA – Bolognese Breed Association of America registered, and has wonderful blood-lines tracing directly to the original Bolognese brought to the US from Italy. We have completely fallen in love with this spunky little breed, and hope to provide your family with the same amazing experience of having a Bolognese in your home!
Bolognese are extremely loyal, love to play, and want nothing more than to curl up with you and enjoy your company. Intelligent and easy to train, this breed is eager to please! Their compact size make them a perfect dog for smaller spaces, and they do not require the work of a larger dog. This breed is also very good with small children, and are not fragile.

Bolognese are all white, with only a hint of champagne spotting mixed in their coats, depending on the puppy. A hypoallergenic dog, their fur is curly, extremely soft, and does not shed. This dog is perfect for someone who is allergic to most other types of dog dander.

All of our litters are BBA registered, and each puppy comes with the paperwork necessary to register your dog with the BBA. Please contact us to reserve your puppy today! WEBSITE




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