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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is the result of many years of effort toward rescuing an almost extinct breed, the old timey "plantation dog" of the Alapaha River region of South Georgia. They were very large, males were usually approximately 90 pounds, very protective of their property, that being whatever their master instructed them as theirs to keep guard over. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs were very possessive of their "family"; also, highly intelligent and easily trained.

Photo courtesy of Connors Family Alapahas

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

Porter, Maine

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs from Connors Family Alapahas.

Producing some of the finest family companions and utility work dogs this breed has to offer. We have also produced foundation brood stock for some of the big name kennels in the breed for over a decade. For more information check us our website.

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Los Angeles, Calif.

Nemos Alapahas - Nemorio Delgadillo

Breeding fine Alphaha Blue Blood Bulldogs since 1997. Yes, we ship. Call us at 323-819-7701 or email for more information about puppies and our stud dogs.

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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs  
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

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